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Tajweed Quran Tutors is a leading Quran Academy in the vicinity of Bahawalpur that id developed to serve the people at their convenience. We are running through a hard time because of COVD-19.In such situation, Tajweed Quran Academy has initiated a set of Quran courses that will help you to enhance you are learning about the Quran in different dimensions. We have designed different courses keeping in mind the interest of individuals. Students learn the following courses under the supervision of trained and knowledgeable teachers.

Our Online Courses

Learn Noorani Qaida

Islamic Studies Online

Quran Memorization Online

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Quran with Urdu Translation Online

Why Choose Us

Tajweed Quran Tutors is an Academy providing set of other courses as well along with Tajweed course. Every individual has different choice of course so we have designed different courses covering the interest of each individual. Now you can learn the courses ranging from Quran memorization course to Quran Tafseer course while sitting at home. You can choose the time that best suits you.

Who We Are?

Tajweed Quran Tutors provides you a platform where you can learn different courses under the supervision of well trained, experienced and knowledgeable teachers. We are providing you an online platform for learning the Quran courses amid the current circumstances related to COVID1-19.There are set of courses we are offering that you can take at your convenience.



International Quran Academy

Tajweed Quran Academy has highly professional and well-trained international teachers who have done an extensive scholarly work on Quran. We are providing state-of-art services in every respect to students. There is a healthy environment between teachers and students based on mutual respect and concern. If you want to learn Tajweed course or interested in any other, contact us in no time.

Meet Our Tutors

Qari Riaz Hussain

Qaria Khadeeja

Qari Hafeez Ullah

Qaria Bakhtawar

Qari Abdul Qadeer

Qaria Rokhsana

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