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Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies is a vast field that encompasses the analysis of every aspect of Islam academically. It is a subject often studied for academic research purpose. The subject matter of Islamic Studies is Islam as a religion and civilization. It is not necessary to be a Muslim to study the subject as anybody can study the subject for academic research to discover its aspects as a religion and civilization. There is a traditional narrative also about Islamic Studies that is based on the teachings of Islam called as religious sciences. It is distinct from other sciences as other subjects are non-religious. It is mostly pursued by the Ulema who are known as Islamic scholars. There are different terms that are specifically used in Islamic Studies. Theology, Fiqh, Hadith and Sirah are covered under the umbrella of Islamic Studies.

We at Tajweed Quran academy provides a full fledge course on Islamic Studies for the students who are eager to learn Islam academically. There is no prior requirement of having a background. You can learn it from scratch without having any previous knowledge. We have trained teachers that will help you to grasp the concepts of Islam in a prudent way