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Noorani Qaida

You must have remembered your childhood when you used to go to mosque to learn Quran. You were not directly introduced to Quran. You were given classes of Noorani Qaida first.t is an established fact that you cannot learn Quran without learning Noorani Qaida. It is because Quran is a collection of words that are difficult to pronounce for the new comer.Noorani Qaida contains these words in the descriptive form by decomposing each character. In this way, a child learns the accurate pronunciation of words in an easy way. There are basic Arabic alphabets which are emphasized in Noorani Qaida course. There are different components of Noorani Qaida that form the basis of Qaida. Rules of Noon, Sakin, MeemSakin and Waqf are mandatory to learn the overall pronunciation of Noorani Qaida.

People send their children to mosque to often Qari comes to home but COVD-19 has changed the dynamics of every field. Amid the current circumstances, we at Tajweed Quran academy offer the online course. Skype and Zoom are used as channels of communication. We have trained and well educated teachers that are well versed with the psychology of students. If you want your children to get enrolled in Noorani Qaida course, we are at your service.