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Quran Memorization

Holy Quran is a book revealed by Almighty Allah for the guidance of mankind. Memorization of Holy Quran means to learn the Quran by heart in its entirety. It is quite a surprising fact that Holy Quran is the only book that a person can learn. It is a miracle of Allah that a person can store the huge amount of words of Quran in heart. Anybody can memorize Quran ranging from little children to young adults. Memorization of Quran came into practice in the time of Holy Prophet SAWW because there was no writing practice at that time. People used to memorize Quran by heart so that it can be transferred to next generation. It is the choice of Allah that he chooses to memorize the Quran whom he want to. It is a huge blessing of Allah on a person to memorize the Quran. We at Tajweed Quran academy provide the aspirants an opportunity to learn the Quran under highly qualified and well trained teachers. We have designed the Quran memorization course in accordance with the psyche of learners. If you are interested in memorization of Quran in a pleasant environment, consult Tajweed Quran academy immediately.