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Quran with Urdu Translation

Arabs are the only people who understands Quran without taking help of translation. Muslims in other parts of the world understands Quran through translation. Quran translation is necessary to understand the message of Quran. There are so many useful messages in Quran that Allah has communicated to guide us in our lives. It is our duty to grasp the meaning of Quran to implement its message in our lives. Muslims living in Pakistan often find it hard to learn the Arabic. This course is designed for Pakistani Muslims who are eager to know the meaning of Quran but find difficulty in learning Arabic. We at Tajweed Quran academy are offering the course of Quran translation in Urdu to overcome the barrier of language in understanding of Quran. Bylearning g the Urdu translation of Quran, students will be able to interpret the instructions of Allah given in Quran. We are offering online classes to overcome the barrier of distance. You can mean the Urdu translation of Quran while sitting at home in your comfort space. Teachers at Tajweed Quran academy are highly expert and knowledgeable. You will get a lifetime learning experience.